Top 6 Wine Bars in Uptown Dallas

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Top 6 Wine Bars in Uptown Dallas

After visiting Uptown Dallas, many wine enthusiasts have come to recognize and respect our genuine appreciation for quality wine. Sure, Dallas is home to several sports league franchises currently dominating the nation, but there’s more to Dallas than popular sports. Dallas is also a focal point for some of the best shopping and dining in America. In this city, we have more restaurants per individual than even New York City!

On that account, our landscape is rich with the finer things in life, particularly the wine bars located in Uptown Dallas. The neighborhood of Uptown is unlike anything else in Dallas because the region has morphed from primarily beer to a vibrant handful of flavor-filled wine bars. If you ever come to Dallas, Texas, make sure you pay a special visit to these top 6 wine bars waiting just for you in Uptown!

1. Cork Wine Bar

Uptown Dallas Bars: Cork Wines

Cork Wine Bar is one the best wine bars in Uptown, especially if you’re new to wine. The comfortable, tasteful atmosphere was created in perfect balance for novices and aficionados. Wine lovers of all levels go to Cork to enjoy great wine served with futuristic inspired style. Their state-of-the-art computer touch screen and pour system gives customers the opportunity to explore 48 different varieties of wine, which vary every month. With wines constantly on rotation, everyone can taste one-ounce samples and learn something new every visit.

2. MAX’s Wine Dive

Best Wine Bars in Dallas: Max's Wine Dive

MAX’s Wine Dive is all about gourmet comfort food and world-renowned wines. With a bar slogan like, “Fried chicken and Champagne?…Why the hell not?!,” you immediately realize this wine bar has no room for snooty condescension. The culture of MAX’s Wine Dive favors plain speaking and charm over hoity-toity wine connoisseurs who think they’re better than others. So, if more traditional wine bars intimidate you, you should definitely give this place a chance to make your wine experience a little more down-to-earth. Besides, the fried chicken, jukebox jams, and half-priced wine deals make for a really good time.

3. CRÚ – A Wine Bar

Wine Tastings in Dallas, TX: Cru Wine Bar

Those with a redefined interest in wine hold CRÚ Food & Wine Bar with high regard. Wine enthusiasts searching for wine experiences as a hobby rather than for fun truly enjoy CRÚ’s exclusive award-winning wine list. CRÚ Food & Wine Bar features over 300 bottle selections from all over the world and they pair their wine with Napa-style foods.CRÚ Food & Wine Bar is also the first wine bar in Texas of its kind. Although CRÚ makes wine readily available at every price point, this wine bar seems to attract those looking for a more sophisticated wine adventure as opposed to those who are new to drinking wine.

4. The Alcove

Wine Bars & Tastings in Uptown Dallas: Alcove

The Alcove is a low-key wine bar serving small production wines. They also serve craft brews and artisanal coffee. However, they do not serve full meals, only appetizers. They instead encourage their customers to bring their own food from other food establishments. At Alcove, a huge proponent of their wine bar experience is their comfortable, laid-back atmosphere. With free Wi-Fi, cozy seating, a dog-friendly patio, and flat-screen televisions, this is definitely the wine bar for lingering guests. The Alcove is an Uptown hang out spot where people go to relax, drink wine, and socialize. They consider themselves the “Cheers” of Uptown, as in the American Sitcom where people come to share their lives with each other while drinking at bar a“where everybody knows your name…”

5. Two Corks and a Bottle

Two Corks & A Bottle: Uptown Dallas Wine Bar

Two Corks and a Bottle is an incredible watering hole to meet both new and old friends. It’s a great social experience because it’s part wine bar, part winery, and part wine shop. Therefore, you can certainly go here to drink wine or make wine. It’s a very fun, one of kind adventure for wine lovers of all backgrounds. Two Corks and a Bottle is another Uptown establishment that welcomes outside food. In fact, they even hold onto local restaurant menus in case customers decide to order takeout!

6. Savor Gastropub

Uptown Dallas Wine Tastings at Savor Gastro Pub

Located in Klyde Warren Park, Savor Gastropub offers unique plates to pair with your favorite wine. They also offer a unique free-flowing wine system, something you won’t find at most wine bars. The relaxed atmosphere of Savor Gastropub is perfect for spending the evening after a long day exploring Dallas.


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