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Food Tours of America is always looking for great people to join our team! If you love to perform, have a knack with people, and learn quickly, we would love to talk with you about the fabulous life of a part-time Dallas food guide. If you are a detail-oriented problem solver let’s talk about the part-time administrative work that keeps our tours running smoothly.

Want to join our team?  These are the following positions we are looking to fill.

Part-Time Tour Coordinators:

Are you a fanatically detail-oriented problem solver who goes the extra mile, cares about what you do, and can think fast? Our tour coordinators are the superheroes that keep our tours running smoothly.  These folks work from home, have flexible hours, and earn $10 per hour, plus a Friends & Family Ticket discount!  Must have a computer and Internet access, own a Smartphone, and be familiar with Excel. Email your resume to dallas@foodtoursofamerica.com, and include days/times of availability.

Part-Time Tour Guide Positions:

dallas food guide, food toursDo you love Dallas? Do you love food? Can you command a crowd, make them laugh, and have everyone literally eating out the palm of your hand? If so, then this job is for you!  Food Tours of America, is seeking passionate, highly energetic, entertaining, and responsible entertainers Tour Guides.
Leading a food tour is a combination of quick thinking on-your-feet thinking, advanced storytelling, and herding cattle from one location to the next. We provide you all the training you need to get you up to speed. Once you’re leading a food tour, you’ll be amazed that you’re getting paid handsomely for something so fun and rewarding.

Positions are part time and/or on-call. Only applicants living close to/in downtown or Uptown areas will be considered. Self-employed individuals and/or flexible schedules preferred. Must have good-to-strong computer skills, own a Smartphone, and be responsive to communication both on and off of tours.  Both weekday and weekend, daytime and evenings positions are available. Our tours run year round. Training is intense and not for the faint of heart, but once you are a fully trained guide you must only be available to lead a minimum of 1-2 tours per week (tour shifts are 3 to 4 hours).  Our best guides are rewarded with an unlimited number of tours.

 Characteristics We Look For:

dallas tours, dallas food guide, walking food tours

  • Star of the Show mentality. People just LOVE you!
  • Responsible, dependable, trustworthy, and on time every single time
  • Able to learn and deliver scripted material
  • Coachable, easily accepts direction, and expertly follows detailed instructions
  • Knowledgeable about Uptown’s food and entertainment scene
  • Familiar with Dallas restaurants & attractions to better assist out-of-town visitors
  • Warm, friendly and welcoming. Easily establishes rapport with every guest
  • Able to develop great relationships with the staff at our partner restaurants
  • Solid first impressions & well-balanced communication skills
  • Proficient voice control, expert eye contact, and active listening skills
  • Well-timed, respectful humor, and strong levels of empathy, charisma, & charm
  • Acute awareness of surroundings, ability to think fast and solve problems
  • Advanced storytelling talent and knack for reading and controlling an audience
  • Comfortable with texting, social media, Excel, and email
  • Follows procedures, and is committed to pre and post-tour administrative tasks
  • Total team player!


Once you have aced your auditions, learned your script, and are ready for an audience, paid training while on a tour is $10 per hour. Unpaid coaching and mentoring while you are learning is also available to support you. Trained tour guides are service industry professionals so the majority of the compensation is earned through guest gratuities.  We offer a $15 per hour guarantee, just in case. That said, our tour guides generally average between $30 and $50 per hour including gratuities.  Tour shifts are 3 to 4 hours. This includes arriving 30 minutes early to greet guests and allowing 30 minutes for post tour administrative tasks.  Tour guides are required to own a Smartphone, have desktop/laptop-based Internet access in your place of residence, eat your vegetables (kidding), and check your email, texts and voicemail at least once per day (absolutely not kidding), and respond as requested and in a timely manner to any form of communication.

Audition Instruction

  1. Read our website www.FoodToursOfAmerica.com, check out our TripAdvisor Reviews, and visit our Facebook page to get feel for what we do.
  2. Call 1-214-272-2327 and leave a voicemail with the following information:
    • Your full name and phone number
    • Which day(s) of the week (including weekends and evenings) you are available to lead tours
    • A witty explanation of why you’d make the perfect food tour guide!
  3. Email your resume to dallas@foodtoursofamerica.com
  4. Optional – Submit a short video to the Food Tours of America Facebook page!

Audition Process

  1. If you make the first cut, you will be invited to a call back to watch a tour in action and you will receive your audition materials.
  2. Practice the material.  Perfect the material. Perform the material.
  3. Submit a short audio or video audition via email.
  4. If called back for a final audition, perform live for our team.
  5. Get hired, complete your on-the-tour training, and begin your tour guide adventure!

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