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Dallas Team Building Activities & Events

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    two people eating tacos at a restaurant in Dallas

    Culinary Experiences for Corporate Events

    At Food Tours of America, we offer engaging and delightful in-person food tours that are perfect for corporate events and team building activities. Our carefully curated tours showcase the best local cuisine and culture, providing a unique and enjoyable way to enhance corporate culture and improve employee retention. With a variety of tour options, we create opportunities for teams to connect, celebrate, and bond throughout the year. Let us help you create unforgettable experiences that will leave your team inspired and united.

    Our Team Building Experiences

    Mckinney Avenue Trolley in Uptown Dallas

    Uptown Eats! Trolley Experience

    Boost your team’s camaraderie with our unique Uptown Food and Trolley Tour in Dallas. This 2.5-hour experience features over ten delicious food tastings at premier local eateries, a vintage trolley ride, and an exclusive tour of the McKinney Avenue Trolley ‘Car Barn.’ Ideal for team bonding, this tour supports local businesses and offers optional alcohol pairings for added enjoyment. Create lasting memories and strengthen your team with this exceptional outing.

    neon yellow and black sign reading "Deep Ellum Texas"

    Deep Ellum Foodie Lovers Experience

    Engage your team with our Deep Ellum Food Tour in Dallas. Over 2.5 hours, your group will enjoy tastings at three renowned restaurants, exploring a variety of cuisines. This tour also highlights Deep Ellum’s vibrant arts scene and rich musical history. Perfect for team-building, this experience supports local businesses while fostering team spirit through shared culinary adventures.

    JFK food and culture tour- team building experience in Dallas

    JFK Food & Culture Experience

    Immerse your team in history and culinary delights with our Dallas JFK Food and Culture Tour. Over 3 hours, enjoy tastings at top local eateries while exploring significant historical sites like the JFK Memorial Plaza, Dealey Plaza, and the Old Red Courthouse. This in-person tour provides a unique blend of food, culture, and history, making it ideal for team-building and supporting local businesses.

    skyline of downtown dallas from a rooftop

    Discover Downtown Dallas Food Experience

    Experience the best of Dallas cuisine and culture with our Downtown Dallas Food Tour. Over 2.5 hours, your team will enjoy tastings at top restaurants, including artisan eateries at the Exchange Food Hall. The tour highlights the AT&T Discovery District, interactive art installations, and historic sites like Thanksgiving Square. This engaging tour fosters team bonding while supporting local businesses.


    The three restaurants provided excellent service as well as delicious food. The ride on the Trolley Cars were very enjoyable. During the visit to the ‘Trolley Barn’ Veronica provided some very interesting history of Dallas and its trolleys. The pastry shop we visited made every thing fresh that morning and it was very tasty . Thank you Food Tours of America Dallas and especially Veronica for a wonderful memorable afternoon enjoying Dallas and the foods of Uptown. Highly recommend this tour.

    James Bryan

    Celebrate Your Teams Accomplishments with Us!

    Illustrative image representing corporation reaching their end of year goal

    Did you reach your end of year goal?

    Celebrate this amazing achievement with us! Reaching your end-of-year goal is a testament to your team’s hard work, dedication, and collaboration. There’s no better way to reward your team than with an unforgettable experience that combines delicious food, rich history, and vibrant culture. Let Food Tours of America make your celebration a memorable one, as you savor your success and bond even stronger as a team.

    illustrative image of a corporation succeeding in a merger and acqusition

    Celebrating an acquisition or merger?

    Mark this exciting milestone with a unique celebration! An acquisition or merger is a significant achievement, symbolizing growth, new opportunities, and a bright future. At Food Tours of America, we offer the perfect way to honor this momentous occasion. Immerse your team in an experience filled with delightful food, fascinating history, and rich culture, strengthening bonds and creating lasting memories. Celebrate your success and the start of a new chapter with us!

    illustrative image of a new product or service launch

    Did you launch a new product or service?

    Toast to your innovation and hard work! Launching a new product or service is a thrilling achievement that showcases your team’s creativity and dedication. Celebrate this momentous occasion with Food Tours of America, where you can enjoy a unique experience filled with delectable food, captivating history, and vibrant culture. Strengthen your team bonds and create unforgettable memories as you commemorate your latest success. Let us make your launch celebration extraordinary!

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