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JFK Food & Culture Tour

The go-to tour for hungry history and architecture lovers!

About the Tour

The JFK Tour satisfies history buffs and foodies alike. From authentic Latin empanadas to the classic Y.O. Ranch chef-owned steakhouse, we’ll eat our way through the West End warehouse district for a full foodie tour with optional cocktails and mocktails.

The JFK assassination area is truly best explored on foot with a guided walking tour. Stand at the grassy knoll to see the X’s on Elm Street that mark where the two shots that changed history were fired. Consider the various conspiracy theories as you look up at the infamous sniper’s perch window. Reflect in the John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza, and Dealey Plaza. This tour also features the Old Red Courthouse, iconic Dallas skyline, Margaret Hill Hunt Bridge, and Dallas founder John Neely Bryan’s original log cabin. Please note: 6th Floor Museum is not included.

For more foodie tours around Dallas, please visit our main page.

View of the 6th Floor Museum and adjacent red buildings during the JFK Tour, with a tower museum nestled between. Explore the iconic location of the JFK assassination, featuring historical landmarks and exhibits

Dallas JFK Tour Highlights often include…

  • John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza
  • Old Red Courthouse History & Architecture
  • Dealey Plaza, one of three National Historic Landmarks in Dallas
  • Motorcade Route and Grassy Knoll assassination site
  • Old Texas School Book Depository Building and Sniper Perch Window
  • Warren Commission and Conspiracy Theories
  • Iconic structures of the downtown Dallas Skyline
  • Views of the 40 story tall Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge
  • History of the West End Warehouse District
  • Overview of the Dallas Arts District, largest in the nation

What to Bring on this Historical Tour:

  • Comfortable Walking Shoes
  • Casual Clothing
red museum where JFK was assassinated

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the JFK assassination area explored on this historical tour?
The JFK assassination area is explored on foot with a guided walking tour, providing an immersive experience. Participants can stand at the grassy knoll, reflect in memorial plazas, and consider conspiracy theories.
Where can I find more Dallas food tours?
For more foodie tours in Dallas, you can visit our main page for a variety of culinary experiences.
How long is the JFK Tour?
The tour typically lasts approximately 3 hours, allowing you ample time to savor each culinary delight and immerse yourself in the cultural gems.
Are dietary restrictions accommodated during the tour?
Yes, we strive to accommodate various dietary restrictions. Please inform us in advance, and our knowledgeable guides will ensure you have a delightful experience tailored to your preferences.


My husband and I took the JFK food tour on Saturday with Briana. We had a great group and amazing food. We really enjoyed all the food options so much. My husband’s favoritve stop was The Empanada Cookhouse. Both the beef and the dessert one. If I had to pick.. the Indian stop at Shivas was mine. Briana was so fun and made the tour so enjoyable! We highly recommend Food Tours of America!

-K. Boatwright

JFK tour was super informative and then all the food was amazing! Loved the beef empanada! Brianna was a fantastic guide!

-Bill Attilio

Wonderful experience with Erin during today’s tour. We got the lucky chance to be solitary on the tour so that Erin had the chance to give us the expanded stories on a lot of Texas history and specifics about how each dish came to be named. This is a highly recommended tour, and we enjoyed each and every dish we tried. Enjoy.

-Markie Mark

I did a Food Tour with Food Tours of America for my 30th birthday and it was the best birthday ever! If you have a birthday, private event, company party or a bachelor/bachelorette party look no further! Veronica was a great tour guide and the customer service is super responsive and efficient. Everyone on the tour had a blast!

-Evan Pastorelle
4 tourists standing outside taking pictures

Duration: 3 Hours

(Age 13+)
(Ages 12 & Under)