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6 Reasons West Village is the Place to Be

Known as “Uptown’s Downtown”, West Village is the most dynamic neighborhood in the center of Dallas, Texas, complete with the most walkable shopping, dining, residential and entertainment around. The trendy district is able to cater to a range of tastes and preferences with over 100 interesting stores, restaurants and incredible nightlife spots.The list of the things to do in West Village is endless, and it is known as a great place to live and visit. Here are six reasons why West Village is the place to be:

1. There’s a friendly atmosphere.

West Village has a unique, friendly atmosphere with a big-city feel. With enthusiastic and friendly residents, one gets the sense that everybody knows each other in the district. When you come to visit, you can sense that friendliness immediately – which is why people feel so comfortable here. It’s the uniqueness, combined with this approachability, which has made West Village such a hit.

2. It’s a great place to live.

Residing in the center of West Village, you’re at the hub of uptown living. You can find apartments and lofts with over 30 different floor plans that are modern, eclectic, savvy and speak to your particular style. Below your living quarters, you can find incredible dining locations, shops and entertainment. Living in a vibrant neighborhood like West Village will make you never want to leave.

3. The shopping possibilities are limitless.

Shopping is one of the top things to do in West Village. The West Village Shopping Center is the ideal location for a shopping spree. With luxurious brands, eclectic mix of boutiques, and established retailers, West Village creates an upscale shopping experience for both men and women.

4. You can indulge in exquisite dining.

West Village restaurants offer an incredible dining experience for residents and visitors. With fine-dining establishments, casual eateries and cute cafes – the district has a variety of delectable dining options available. You’ll love the signature dishes that each one provides, and the outside eating areas that allow you to soak in all of West Village and relax.

5. There’s an incredible, vibrant nightlife.

West Village has plenty to offer when it comes to nightlife. Many of the local restaurants offer enticing happy hours and weekly events that attract patrons from all over – especially those who plan to have a fun night out on the town. The fun doesn’t stop there, but goes well into the night at the many bars and clubs West Village has to offer. Enjoying the fun nightlife in this hip district is one of the top reasons West Village is the best place to be.

6. The food tours in West Village.

Come hungry and eat your way through West Village and its surrounding areas with the West Village Restaurant Hop. This Dallas food tour is for those short on time, not appetite! The West Village Restaurant Hop is a narrated tour that gives you an insider’s view on trendy West Village and its culture. Tour highlights include generous food tastings from causal local eateries, something sweet for dessert, and entertaining Dallas commentary. If you’re looking to minimize your time outside, then the West Village Restaurant Tour is for you! This leisurely tour features plenty of time inside our restaurants, and minimal walking between tastings. Come enjoy generous portions of your favorites and experience uptown Dallas the right way.

West Village is perfect place to be. Come explore the vibrant district, and enjoy everything it has to offer. For more information on the West Village Restaurant Hop and Tour, contact Food Tours of America Dallas today to start planning your fun day in the hip West Village. Call 1-214-272-2327 for availability and ticket information. We look forward to seeing you soon!



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