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Founded in 2011
by Jodi Philippson

Never been on a foodie tour? Love food? Love people? You’re missing out! On any of our tours, you’ll sample signature dishes from a variety of four to six restaurants while sharing the company of loved ones and strangers alike. But trust us – you won’t be strangers for long, as tours participants are known to engage in acts of foodie friendship.  Who knows? You might find that the person sitting next to you could be your new best friend!

Take a food tour today and enjoy our scenic, short walks combined with insider tips, friendly faces and plenty of bites of food and culture will leave you feeling full and more like a local.  Most of all, we can promise this: you definitely won’t leave hungry.

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group of 18 people eating Dallas food at a restaurant. They are all raising a cocktail in celebration

Our journey began with sharing the best Dallas food spots

In 2011, a local Dallasite named Jodi had a vision (and a rumble in her stomach): what kind of business would allow her to combine her love of food, people, and creativity? After thinking long and hard about it (and having a snack), she wanted to create a business to share the best Dallas food spots. Now, Food Tours of America-Dallas is the premiere food tour company, ranked #1 Food and Drink on TripAdvisor.

Whether you’re a visitor, a transplant, or a lifelong Dallas local, our food tours offer a culinary and social experience that you won’t forget. In addition to spending time with the best tour guides in town, you will also make your way through some of our favorite neighborhoods to discover great restaurants and fantastic foodie options, all while getting a dose of sightseeing and culture.

skyline of downtown dallas from a rooftop

Our purpose is to create memorable experiences

At Food Tours of America, our purpose is to curate exceptional culinary experiences that go beyond the plate. As passionate ambassadors of diverse food cultures across America, we strive to create immersive and memorable food tours that celebrate the heart and soul of each community. Our mission is to connect people through the joy of discovery, fostering a deeper appreciation for the unique flavors and stories that shape our nation’s rich gastronomic tapestry. With every food tour, we aim to not only satisfy taste buds but also ignite a sense of exploration, community, and cultural appreciation.

2 gourmet burgers in Dallas Texas in a cardboard tray

Our Core Values

Get ready as we delve into what sets us apart – our core values at Food Tours of America. Discover the essence of our commitment to delivering the best food experiences in Dallas!


Show genuine enthusiasm for culinary experiences and fostering connections with people.


Embrace creativity in curating unique and memorable food tours.


Prioritize exceptional customer service, creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for participants.

Quality and Excellence

Commit to delivering high-quality tours, featuring the best restaurants and ensuring excellence in every aspect of the experience.

Community Engagement

Actively engage with and contribute to the local community, supporting local businesses and promoting cultural awareness.

Friendship and Inclusivity

Foster a sense of community and inclusivity among tour participants, encouraging friendships and shared experiences.

Continuous Improvement

Strive for continuous growth and improvement in tour offerings, customer satisfaction, and overall company performance.


Emphasize genuine and authentic experiences, showcasing the true essence of Dallas’ culinary scene.

Responsible Tourism

Promote sustainable and responsible tourism practices, respecting local cultures and minimizing environmental impact.

Fun and Enjoyment

Ensure that every tour is not just a culinary exploration but also a fun and enjoyable experience for participants.

4 people enjoying lunch at a restaurant in Dallas during a food tour

As we wrap up our story at Food Tours of America, we invite you to be a part of our flavorful adventure. Our commitment to delicious experiences, friendly connections, and the heart of the city is embodied in every food tour we offer. We hope the tales of culinary delights and the camaraderie shared have sparked your curiosity.

So, why not make your next memory a delicious one? Book a food tour today, and let’s embark on a delightful exploration together. We look forward to sharing laughter, stories, and, most importantly, fantastic food with you. See you on the tour!