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Build Up An Appetite, then Build Team Morale!

[vc_row css_animation=”” row_type=”row” use_row_as_full_screen_section=”no” type=”full_width” angled_section=”no” text_align=”left” background_image_as_pattern=”without_pattern”][vc_column][vc_column_text]Has the workplace been getting stale? Get your team relaxed and spending time with each other, and gain insight into how to improve your business, with a team outing. Corporate team building has never been easier than with a food tour! Not only will a food tour save money since you don’t have to rent out a space, but everyone will enjoy it and your team will leave with full stomachs and closer relationships. Here’s 5 reasons why we recommend a food tour for your next corporate event.

1. Food is a universal language

It’s easy to bond over the restaurants and samples. If your corporate event objectives include relationship-, morale- or team-building, a food tour is the perfect choice because it involves a group of people eating, drinking, and connecting with one another. Conversation flows naturally when you’re surrounded by delicious food!

Corporate Event Ideas in Dallas: Food Tour


2. Food tours are easy-going

Many corporate events involve competition. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, but the workplace can be competitive enough as it is. Food tours allow you to relax and spend quality time with the people around you.

3. Food tours offer plenty of opportunities to network and mingle

A food tour moves from stop to stop so you’ll have the chance to network with different people along the way. Food tours offer natural opportunities for everyone to get a lot of face-time with one another. Typically, the group will stay in a single restaurant for 20-25 min before they’re off to the next location so the activity involves constant shuffling of people. If you’re trying to build relationships with multiple people in the company, it’s really easy to facilitate when you’re constantly getting up as opposed to a seated dinner where you’d only be able to speak to the three or so people around you. 

4. Food tours are easy on the wallet

With a corporate food tour, companies have the ability to feed their team, give them alcohol, and entertain them for under three hours and for under $100/per person. That’s something you won’t easily find with other corporate events. Typically, it’s going to be difficult to plan an activity and feed people without breaking the bank. Plus, all alcohol sales are predetermined so you’re not going to be surprised by the bill at the end.

Team Building & Team Outing in Dallas


5. Our food tours are fully customizable

At Food Tours of America Dallas, we pride ourselves on being able to take a budget and create an experience that aligns with that budget. Our tour guides know all the best spots in Dallas so you can customize which sightseeing spots you’d like on your tour – from the JFK Memorial, Dallas Arts District, and Uptown Area to the McKinney Avenue Trolley, Deep Ellum, and cattle sculptures. Because our tours guides know the area so well, we’re also able to read the personality of the group and tailor the tour so that we take the group to restaurants where the vibe and atmosphere matches what the company is looking for.

Custom Corporate Event in Dallas, TX

Build your team morale and join us on a company food tour for your next team building or corporate event in Dallas! Give us a call or shoot us an email and we can customize the event to fit your team’s needs.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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