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The Best Sights to See in Uptown Dallas

There’s no place like Uptown. You can take your time to enjoy all the upscale shopping, dining, and entertainment the town has to offer. There are so many fun things to do and places to discover. It’s funny how some of the best sights to see, across the entire city of Dallas, seem to be packed in this idyllic neighborhood. Here are a few suggestions of must-see sites that should not be missed when visiting Dallas.

For the Art Aficionado: David Dike Fine Art


Established in the 80’s, the David Dike Fine Art gallery displays the most beautiful works of art. The gallery focuses on late 19th Century and early 20th Century European and American oil paintings. What’s even cooler is the way they highlight masterpieces from Texas Regionalists. Visitors can go there to understand the particulars of Texas as their own region, separate from the standard language of the rest of our country. There you will find wonderful Texas Landscapes, Texas Still Life, and Texas Portraiture collections to interpret. If you have plans to venture Uptown, then stop by the David Dike Fine Art gallery to view what they have on their walls. Browse their extensive inventory of early Texan artwork. This year is the perfect time to go, since 2016 celebrates their 30th Anniversary!

History (and food) Buffs: Dallas JFK Tour


Starting at the Historic West End of Uptown you will find the Dallas JFK Tour. This tour is the real deal, especially if you are a diehard history buff because there is nothing quite like it. Just imagine how surreal it would feel to stand at the actual grassy knoll in Dealey Plaza as you imagine the popping sounds of the two bullets that murdered one of America’s greatest presidents. The Dallas JFK Tour will bring back memories of where you were and what you were doing when news broke about President Kennedy’s assassination. The only walkable, 4-hour tour conducted by one of Uptown’s expert historians will help you gain a worldlier grasp on the nostalgic situation. You will see things like the X’s on Elm Street marking the gunshots of that terrible moment and the infamous sniper’s perch window. When visiting Dallas, venture out to Uptown and take a moment to reflect in the John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza.

After the history portion of the tour, you will be guided on a food tour to taste some of our favorite food in Uptown Dallas.

Movie Lovers: Landmark’s Magnolia Theatre

The aesthetically pleasing Magnolia Theater, located in the vivacious West Village Development, was named “Best Theater in Dallas”.  If you enjoy catching independent or Hollywood flicks in a cocktail and snack enhanced movie theater, then this place was made especially for you. This luxurious movie theater has been profiled in countless publications as the ultimate cinematic experience. Landmark’s Magnolia Theatre is such a fun place to watch a movie because it gets all the simple things right. It’s always clean. It’s never too chilly. The popcorn is delicious. The seats are comfortable. Plus, the theater is located in the heart of West Village in Uptown, which is conveniently fenced in by restaurants and boutiques. You can walk over to cozy up for a movie after you finish dinner with a date or shopping with friends. Something worth mentioning is Tuesday nights. Every Tuesday night, Landmark’s Magnolia Theatre will play a classic film. So if you appreciate movies like The Shining or Gone with the Wind, then we would suggest stopping by on a Tuesday. All in all, its unique reputation attracts an eclectic mix of adults looking to partake in its sophisticated watering hole. Everyone gets to watch his or her favorite movie in “high spirits.”


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