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The Best Shopping in Uptown Dallas

The Best Shopping in Uptown Dallas

There’s no place like Uptown Dallas. Residents and guests simply will not find a more vibrant, walkable little neighborhood that’s jam-packed with so many cool things to do. Tucked away in the heart of Dallas, Texas, travelers can explore urban living at its finest. Uptown Dallas is arguably one of Texas’ most talked about hot spots because it’s a scene for everyone. Rich with culture and personality, visitors are sure to shop until they drop because there are so many fun shops to see. Food Tours Dallas compiled information about all of the best shopping in Uptown – and we did it just for you.

West Village


Complete with a full spectrum of attractive restaurants, clothing stores, barbershops, living spaces on the top floors, West Village is a great little shopping area to check out. Fantastic ice cream shops will knock you off your feet, which will sound just perfect in between all that shopping. If you’re planning to visit the Uptown Dallas area, West Village is a magnificent place to shop. In West Village you can walk to so many places. Located at McKinney and Lemmon Avenue, guests will find the West Village Shopping Center filled with Dallas’ most hip and trendy retailers. With upscale shopping choices and a multifarious blend of specialty boutiques, people say West Village is comparable to places like SoHo in New York or Robertson in L.A. West Village is a fancy, petite shopping center. It’s brilliant for window shopping, and for real shopping if you’re willing to spend top dollar for popular brands at upscale retailers. If not, window-shopping is super fun due to an electrifying atmosphere and an eclectic mix of friendly faces.



We love this cute, little clothing shop! This is a favorite place for new clothes for sure. If you appreciate items that were made in America, then this is the place for you. Their clothes are cute, unique, made in America, and everything in the store is reasonably priced.
The women working at Pitaya are very helpful and friendly to their customers. They’re probably used to a crowd of locals and travelers stopping in on a Friday or Saturday for a last minute find. Ladies tend to go straight here when they want something pretty to wear since Pitaya never disappoints. They always have a nice selection of clothes. This swanky clothing boutique likes to stick to solid colors and their color coordinated racks are very pleasing to the eyes. However, what’s even more pleasing are the refreshing price tags.

y&i Clothing Boutique


You have to at least love this place for their selection of unique jewelry. You can’t go here and say they didn’t have some cute pieces to choose from. If you’re looking for a shopping experience and spot that’s totally unique to Dallas, then take a look at y&i Clothing Boutique.
Besides all the fun knick-knacks and trinkets, their clothing selection is really adorable too! If you like wearing clothes that no one else will be wearing, then y&i clothing boutique is definitely for you. You’ll become addicted as soon as you enter the store. Their rare styles in everything from dresses, shoes, jeans, tops, sweaters, wraps, ponchos, boots, accessories, hats, candles, and more are sure to get you excited over shopping in Uptown. You’ll walk away with some sort of fashion forward item to remember Dallas.

Stanley Korshak


If you’re looking to shop for upscale, high-end merchandise, check out Stanley Korshak. Stanley Korshak is a luxury department store carrying tons of top-of-the-line brands – favorites like Roberto Cavalli and Balenciaga. Speaking of formal wear, Stanley Korshak has an astonishing bridal department sure to satisfy even the most meticulous of brides. Even celebrities like to go to Stanley Korshak when visiting the beloved Uptown Dallas because their merchandise is ultra exclusive. That’s why it’s fun to visit here even if you don’t plan on spending too much. It’s invigorating to look around a specialty store when we’re so accustomed to the major chain options.
At any rate, there you have it – our rendition of just a few of the best places to shop in Uptown Dallas. Don’t forget, if you’re doing all this shopping, you’re going to get hungry so check out our awesome assortment of food tours.


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