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3 Things You Don’t Want To Miss When Visiting Dallas in the Fall

FALL in Love with Dallas: 3 Things You Don’t Want To Miss When Visiting Dallas in the Fall

The inviting energy of Dallas, Texas entering into autumn is spectacular because locals and visitors wait year-round for their favorite seasonal activities. For those of you who haven’t been to Dallas, better known to Texans as “Big D,” there are 3 things that all visitors absolutely must do when popping over in the fall time. Oh, and don’t forget to grab yourself a Cowboys jersey because, rain or shine, catching a football game before you go home is essential. Better yet, schedule a Cowboys game first.

  1. Catch a Cowboys Football Game

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Via Dallas Cowboys

Fall season equals football season in America, but for Texans, the terms are synonymous. As in, grade-schoolers learn the four changing seasons as spring, summer, football, and winter – just joking! But seriously, you always know it’s fall when the streets light up white and navy blue. Football pride is huge in Dallas. If you want the full cultural effect of “Big D” living, you must go to a game or else you can’t really say you’ve been to Dallas.

For visitors, we highly suggest buying your tickets online and early. With 80,000 seats in the AT&T Stadium, being one of the largest football arenas in America doesn’t guarantee great seats will always be available at the gate. Make sure you purchase a seat on the left; it’s where all the Cowboys fans sit. You’ll surely have a hoot!

Two more things – get to the stadium early because for one, tailgating is especially fun in Dallas. Also, the stadium offers guided tours. It’s a fantastic option for getting to know Cowboy’s history. The tour will have you feeling amped for the game to start.

  1. Try the Uptown Foodie Walk Food Tour

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Via Food Tours Dallas

Speaking of tours, please enjoy some quality bites and educate yourself on real Dallas food. The easiest way (and most fulfilling way) to experience the Dallas food scene is the guided food tour. Trust us. At Food Tours of America Dallas, we’ll have you falling in love.

Most of our food tours take place outside, which is why food touring is one of the best activities for visitors in the fall. When visiting Dallas, you surely do not want to end up eating at the worst spots in town. Sometimes, trying new things or places can be risky. However, with Food Tours of America Dallas, we eliminate such risks by introducing you to places with our stamp of approval.

When visiting Dallas during the fall, we recommend The Uptown Foodie Walk. This amazing three and a half hour tour features four generous restaurant tastings in casual local eateries, a dessert tasting, optional beverage pairings for added fun, and tons of sightseeing in between stops. Did we forget to mention the Rosie? During the food tour, we often hop on a ride with Rosie or one of her friends. Rosie is over 100 years old and is known as the oldest running trolley car in America!

The Uptown Foodie Walk food tour is an outright must when visiting Dallas in autumn because even the locals love it. Our food tour is a wonderful option for people wanting to eat delicious foods, meet new friends, all while getting to know the heart of Dallas along the way. Highlights include many interesting facts, historical culture, and popular pit stops.

  1. Go to the State Fair of Texas

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Via Big Tex

When visiting Dallas in the fall, you surely have to make family time at the fair. The State Fair of Texas is a staple of family life in Dallas, providing you with an authentic experience. Make sure you add this to your to-do list because The State Fair of Texas is only in town from Sept. 25 through Oct. 18 – celebrating all things Texan!

Established in 1886, the State Fair of Texas is the longest running fair in America. At the fair, you can experience Texan tradition, agriculture, education, community, culture, food, and entertainment. Activities include free concerts, car shows, BBQ cook-offs, college football, museums, discovery centers, beautiful garden programs, shopping and so much more! There are simply so many things to do at this massive, one-of-a-kind adventure land.

The State Fair of Texas admission prices are 18-dollars for adults, 14-dollars for children over 48 inches in height, and discounts are available for groups or when tickets are purchased a few weeks in advance.


In a nutshell, if you truly want to fall in love with Dallas in autumn, then be sure to experience seasonal, Texan-styled football, food, and fun!

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