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4 Must-Visit Restaurants in Dallas’ Uptown

Dallas is a huge city, with over a million residents and 300 square miles within the town limits. With countless neighborhoods, historical sites, museums, restaurants, and sporting events to attend, how can one possibly be expected to see it all? One of the most up and coming areas of town is called Uptown, located in the West Village neighborhood. Known for its 17 full-service restaurants, exquisite boutique shopping, and walkability, the West Village is often referred to as “Uptown’s Downtown.” Trying to decide where to eat with 17 different choices can be rough, so we’ve put together this guide of the must-visit restaurants in North Dallas’ Uptown. Check it out!


Sure, Texas is synonymous with barbeque, but if Baboush has anything to say about it, their babaganoush will be right up there with beef brisket. Baboush is a beautifully decorated Moroccan chic restaurant located on City West Blvd. If babaganoush, a grilled eggplant spread with basil, jalapenos, and pomegranate seeds, sounds a bit too adventurous for your taste buds, Baboush also takes traditional Moroccan street foods and adds an elegant touch, like with their Kefta Sandwich or the Sumac Lemon French Fries. For a dining experience you’ll be talking about for weeks and weeks, stop into Baboush and experience the flavors of Morocco smack dab in the middle of Dallas, Texas.


When you walk into Bisous-Bisous, you’re instantly transported to a quite French pâtisserie…quite the change from the Dallas streets you were just on minutes before. Known for their macarons that come in flavors such as tiramisu, PB&J, pistachio, and coffee, Bisous-Bisous also churns out French favorites like fruit tarts, croissants, and éclairs. Owner and pastry chef Andrea Meyer, who was professionally trained at the Le Cordon Bleu, chose the name Bisous-Bisous because it translates loosely to “kiss, kiss”, which is how the French greet friends and loved ones. Grab yourself a box of macarons, one in each flavor, and enjoy the sweet “bisous-bisous” that each bite gives to your taste buds!

The Rustic

While Dallas may be a big city, there is no shortage of true Texas found throughout. The Rustic, which opened in 2013, will transport you to the Texas Country, where you can enjoy true Texan cuisine while washing it down with a selection of 30 local craft brews.  Ever tried cactus? A crowd favorite, The Rustic’s Beer Battered Cactus Fritters will have you holler’n to your waiter to bring another order as fast as you can! A unique feature for the West Village, The Rustic’s large backyard, known as Pat’s Backyard, hosts live music most nights of the week, and offers picnic tables, fire pits, and shade from a huge oak tree. Now that’s Texas living!

Shell Shack

Even though we may be a couple hundred miles from the Gulf of Mexico, once you sit down at Shell Shack, you’d never have guessed it. Opened in 2013 on McKinney Avenue, Shell Shack brings the low-country boil to Dallas. For those not familiar, you’ll be seated at a large table, given a bib, and then a quite large bag of crab legs, crawfish, or shirmp will be dumped out in front of you. No need to try to be fancy here, having butter and spices up to your elbow and all over your face is highly encouraged! When you’re done, there’s no need to fuss with wet wipes. Shell Shack’s solution to crab hands comes in the form of a shower-like contraption with arm holes that’ll hose ya down from elbows to fingertips. Or you could wear gloves.


These are just a few of the great dining choices in North Dallas. Keep an eye out for our next blog where we highlight even more great restaurants in Dallas’ neighborhood. Have a favorite restaurant that we missed? Leave it in the comments below and we’ll be sure to mention it in an upcoming post!

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