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The nightlife, dining, and entertainment in Las Vegas are some of the best in the world. There is no place like Vegas, which is why celebrities flock to the hot social scene in Sin City. Whether you are staying in the beautiful Venetian Hotel, getting a taste of the fine dining, gambling in the casino, or at any one of the lounges and nightclubs, you are sure to see a celebrity in the mix. Here are some of the hot spots famous for celebrity sightseeing, so be sure to stop by if you are looking to catch a glimpse of your favorite celeb!


TAO Snoop Celebrity DJ

Image via Tao

The Venetian is one of Las Vegas’ best hotspots for celebrity sightings. It is home to a hotel, casino, dining, and several lounges and nightclubs. The Venetian is home to TAO Nightclub, a celebrity and crowd favorite alike. Whether you want to run into Leonardo DiCaprio, Kim Kardashian, or maybe Paris Hilton, you might have a chance! Celebrities are regularly hosting parties and DJ-ing events, so be sure to stop by.



LAVO Casino

Image via LAVO

Looking to make a quick buck? Even if gambling your money away isn’t your thing, experiencing the casinos in Las Vegas is an absolute must. These swanky casinos attract visiting celebrities on the regular, so you never know who you might run into! Also at the Venetian is LAVO Casino Club. Expect beautiful mixology cocktails, Italian cuisine, and of course Blackjack table games and VIP bottle service.



Celebrity chefs in las vegas, walking food tour las vegas

Image via FoodToursLV


That’s right, your favorite celebrity chefs run the restaurants in Vegas!   Enjoy the incredible dining experiences within the Las Vegas such as Emeril LaGasse’s LaGasse’s Stadium or Buddy Velasco’s bakery, Carlos Bakery. Whether you are running into a celebrity while dining, or even the celebrity chef, you are at least in for some delicious food in Vegas. Looking to make a stop at all of the celebrity chef hot spots? Consider the Las Vegas Foodie Walk by Food Tours of America Las Vegas for a fun guided food tour!


When you come to Las Vegas, there will be no shortage of celebrity sightings. Hit up the above mentioned hot spots for your best chance of catching a glimpse of your favorite celebrity, and to have a great time regardless! We hope to see you in Las Vegas in no time at all.





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