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…If Gambling Isn’t Your Thing

Since springing from the desert more than a half-century ago, Las Vegas has been the gambling mecca of the United States, if not the planet. But just because Vegas is synonymous with casinos, poker chips and slot machines doesn’t mean it can’t entertain those visitors with no interest in pressing their luck.

Las Vegas is among the most eclectic—and electric—getaway spots in the United States, with activities to accommodate the interests of every tourist, including those preferring not to gamble. In fact, there’s so much to do in Vegas, one trip isn’t enough. A return engagement will be necessary to experience it all.

Foodies for Las Vegas

Las Vegas has emerged in recent years as a can’t-miss eating city for foodies or anyone looking to tantalize their taste buds. It’s where celebrity chefs now come to wield their culinary wizardry in a variety of renowned restaurants dotting the Strip. And what better way to combine tasty delicacies with Vegas’ gastronomic icons than with a guided tour of the city’s finest eateries? Food Tours Las Vegas has set the standard for feeding hungry appetites and minds with its Las Vegas Dessert Tour and Las Vegas Foodie Walk which both create memorable experience that caters to all of your senses.

sushi platter in vegas

Image via traveller.com.au

Nature in Las Vegas

Often overshadowed by the glitz, glamour and lights of Las Vegas is its natural beauty, both within and outside the city limits. The region is an outdoors paradise, steeped in breathtaking landscapes and gardens of eye-popping plant life that touch every possibility on the color wheel. Bellagio’s Conservatory and Botanical Gardens abounds with floral extravagance to match each season of the year. Or, visitors can venture 20 miles off the Strip to Red Rock Canyon, a magnificent area of the Mojave Desert for taking in awe-inspiring views on a hike, a bike ride or a guided tour.

World Themed Experience in Las Vegas Nevada

While you’ll be situated in Nevada, Las Vegas is unique for its ability to transport visitors to far-off lands and exotic getaways. Experience the world with little more than the soles of your feet or the assist of a taxi. Looking for a touch of Europe? Then rise high above the city at the Eiffel Tower Experience or enjoy a romantic, Venice-inspired gondola ride at the Venetian. For those yearning to travel to another time, the Egyptian-styled Luxor and Camelot-themed Excalibur resorts bring the past to life.

Gondola Ride Las Vegas

Image via Venetian.com

Tap Into Your Wild Side

In Las Vegas, the only limit to the thrills of a lifetime is your imagination. If you can dream up a soul-stirring adventure, there’s a very good chance it can be brought to life in this expansive playground for fun. Build unforgettable memories—and get your blood pumping—by hovering in suspended animation at Vegas Indoor Skydiving, exploring the Moapa Valley in dune buggies with Ultimate Desert Adventures or zip lining high above Bootleg Canyon. Oh, and adrenaline junkies won’t want to miss Big Shot at the Stratosphere, the world’s highest amusement ride.

Treat Yo’ Self

You’ve undoubtedly worked hard all year, often sacrificing for the benefit of others. You have earned this opportunity to be pampered and spoiled. And no one does the spa treatment better than Las Vegas. While Spa at Aria, Canyon Ranch SpaClub and Qua Baths and Spa provide unsurpassed tranquility and service, there’s no shortage of options for detoxifying, quieting the mind’s noise and kneading stress out of overworked muscles. Any one of Vegas’ abundance of world-class spas can deliver the ideal escape from life’s frenetic pace.

Go History Hopping in Las Vegas

Sprinkled throughout the city is an array of compelling galleries and curated relics from across the societal landscape. Vegas houses unique treasures designed to pique the curiosity of every visitor. Your fact-filled museum crawl should include stops at the Mob Museum, the Las Vegas Natural History Museum and the Pinball Hall of Fame. Lovers of the arts, as well as other peculiarities, can soak in the timeless displays at the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art, the Titanic Artifact Exhibition, Madame Tussauds and Bodies: The Exhibition.

Take In a Show in Las Vegas, Nevada

From as far back as Elvis and The Rat Pack, Vegas has long been a destination where headliners go to perform their acts. Whether you’re looking to be entertained by music, magic, comedy or an elaborate production that defies the laws of gravity, the Strip has something for everyone. Check your calendar frequently, because each month is jam-packed with a deep roster of stars. Prepare to have your jaw dropped from the likes of David Copperfield, Maroon 5, Blue Man Group or one of Cirque du Soleil’s eight theatrical and acrobatic performances that redefine the meaning of a circus.


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