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Visiting Vegas … With Kids

Looking for a vacation that’ll satisfy the interests of every member of your family, including finicky children? Ditch the stereotypes and start searching for flights to Las Vegas. While Vegas’ reputation as a playground for adults is firmly intact, so too is its ability to meet the wide-ranging demands of kids of all ages. In fact, the desert oasis has made a concerted effort in recent years to become a comprehensive destination. And it’s worked. Vegas has more to offer families than any hotspot this side of the Magic Kingdom, and it’s budget-friendly as well as kid-friendly.

So, go ahead and think beyond Disney when planning your next family getaway. Think Vegas, beginning with these sure-to-please activities for the youngest members of your entourage.


Food Tours of America Las Vegas

The Food Tours experience introduces to guests some of the most delicious desserts Las Vegas has to offer. And what better way to spend your getaway with family than where desserts and sweets are at the top of the itinerary? Kids with a sweet tooth will love this tour, which links together scrumptious treats and a dash of culinary wisdom for mom and dad. Parents and kids alike will love visiting famous eateries, such as the bakery home to the “Cake Boss”. Whether you’re a devotee of famous cookeries or just like to indulge in sugary delicacies, Food Tours Las Vegas is sure to excite your taste buds and make for a memorable day.


Adventuredome in Las Vegas, Nevada

The Adventuredome is every young thrill-seekers’ paradise. This theme park is decked out in twisty roller coasters, eye-widening 4-D theatres and an array of other bold rides. Not only does this adrenaline haven cater to kids, but it presents options for the whole family as well. The entire gang can hop onto rides, such as Drifters, and glide around as though they are in a hot air balloon. If your family is into fast-paced rides instead, an option like the Road Runner is perfect. At Adventuredome, there’s an exhilarating alternative for everyone.


Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas, Nevada

Kids fond of pop culture and the arts will have a blast at Madame Tussauds wax museum. Once you step through the door, you’re granted access to lifelike replicas of celebrities from Hollywood, music and the sports world. Standing beside Madonna? Now you’re one of her backup dancers. Leaping for a basket next to Shaquille O’Neal? Now you’re in the middle of a tied game with him, ready to score the winning bucket. Maybe strike a pose next to “Alan” from The Hangover to feel like you’re in the movie! Playing pretend has never come to life like this before. If your children are fans of make-believe, this exhibit is bound to impress them.



Tournament of Kings in Las Vegas, Nevada

Take a leap into the past with this medieval show. While eating a meal fit for the time period, your family will be able to experience a King Arthur-esque performance. Beyond its educational merits, this reenactment is also exciting and will positively have you at the edge of your seat by the end of the night. Tournament of Kings is realistic and unlike any show you’ve witnessed. Hey, when was the last time you were able to eat your poultry in public with just your hands? Pairing playful with attention-grabbing makes for an evening you’ll never forget.

Kings on horses in las vegas

Image via Vegas


Las Vegas Ice Center in Las Vegas, Nevada

Just because your family is in a desert, doesn’t mean you have to stick to warm-weather activities. At a place like the Las Vegas Ice Center, it’ll mimic the winter and allow your kids myriad amusing options. Choices for you and your kids include viewing daily hockey games as well as more hands-on activities, like public skating. If you plan to stop by while traveling to Vegas, don’t forget to pack your coats and mittens along with your bathing suits.



Discovery Children’s Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada

Going on vacation doesn’t mean your brain has to turn to mush. In Vegas, there are countless options that make learning an entertaining time for your kids. At the Discovery Children’s Museum, young ones hop right into the world of science with a variety of displays, such as Eco City, where they’ll learn about making green choices, or Patents Pending, where inventing is encouraged. Tap into your child’s creative side by letting their imaginations run wild at this one-of-a-kind museum.


Mirage Aquarium in Las Vegas, Nevada

If you plan to stay at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, your family is in for a special treat. Directly behind the front desk is an enormous, 20,000-gallon aquarium, filled with vibrant and exotic fish. Your children will love all of the new species that they’ll see swimming around, and they’re right under the same roof you’ll be sleeping under. Sherman’s Travel gave it the stamp of approval by naming it the world’s seventh-best hotel aquarium. It makes check-in a time that’ll knock your socks off and keep your kids occupied, as well as fascinated.

Any of these family friendly Las Vegas activities are sure to make your vacation unforgettable. We can’t wait to see you and your family at Food Tours of America Las Vegas!

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