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For history buffs and food lovers alike, Food Tours of America presents the Dallas JFK Tour. This experience is like no other, immersing you in the history of John F. Kennedy and other historic Dallas sites in addition to an incredible food tour. A local historian will guide you through the following historical sites that you shouldn’t miss during your stay in Dallas, and then you will be treated to some of our favorite food in Dallas.

John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza

Since 1970, this museum has become an integral part of Dallas’ urban landscape and cultural heritage. Dedicated to the late President John F. Kennedy, this memorial serves as a place of remembrance of the President. Your guide will explain the concept behind this peaceful location.

Old Red Courthouse History & Architecture

This beautiful museum features exhibitions behind the cultural, political, social, and economic history of Dallas. Explore the beautiful architecture and rich history of Dallas during this stop.


Dealey Plaza


Image via Dallas County

This location is one of three National Historic Landmarks in Dallas. Dealey Plaza is remembered as the location where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22nd, 1963. Visiting with our historian will provide you with a complete explanation and experience of this time in history.

Motorcade Route and Grassy Knoll 

Next we will walk over to the famous Motorcade Route and Grassy Knoll within Dealey Plaza. At this location the exact assassination site of JFK is marked with an X.

Old Texas School Book Depository Building and Sniper Perch Window

This unique part of the tour takes you to right where JFK’s assassinator stood with his sniper and where he hid out after the event

Warren Commission and Conspiracy Theories

Chief Justice Earl Warren found that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassinator of JFK. Learn about the conspiracy theories that still exist today, even after this landmark investigation.

Iconic structures of the downtown Dallas Skyline


Image via I Live in Dallas

The iconic Dallas skyline is one of the most beautiful in America. The historian from Food Tours of America will tell you about the notable structures that make up this bustling city.

Views of the 40 story tall Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

During your trip to Dallas the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge is not to be missed. Learn about the architecture and other fun facts behind this relatively new Dallas landmark.

History of the West End Warehouse District


Image Via Dallas West End

Learn the rich cultural history behind the popular West End Warehouse District on the JFK Dine and Dealy Tour.

Overview of the Dallas Arts District

The Dallas Arts District is the largest arts district in the nation. Visit this mecca of art, theatre, and live performance and learn about its historical value to Dallas.

The whole Dallas JFK History and food tour lasts about 4 hours. Everything will be explored on foot, so wear comfortable walking shoes and be prepared to walk about 1.5 miles. Your fare for a short light rail train ride is included, which will take you uptown. Please note that admission and exploration time at the various museums is not included. After all the walking around, get ready to have your appetite satisfied on the food tour.

The food tour portion of the JFK Dine and Dealy tour is similar to the West Village Restaurant Tour offered by Food Tours of America Dallas. Enjoy generous food samples, desserts, and optional pairings at various casual and trendy West Village restaurants.

Don’t Miss These Extras at Checkout

  • Pre-paid gratuity for your tour guide………………………….18,20, or 25%
  • Two Alcoholic Drink Pairings…………………………………$20/Person
  • Three Alcholic Drink Pairings…………………………………$30/Person
  • Any of these options can be added during checkout (Both Phone and Online)

The JFK Dine and Dealy Tour is a unique experience like no other. Enjoy history, architecture and great food in our beautiful city of Dallas. Book your tour today by calling 214-272-2327 or by filling out an online form. See you in Dallas!

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